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In the Land of the Bible

Together with our associates in Israel and the Middle East, we are able to provide our spiritual leaders and their groups with excellent and outstanding service. We have been well-known for providing special information on every hotel, our guides, places of interest, shopping etc. Quality as well as satisfaction have come first and have been our priority, especially in the planning stages of our tours and itineraries.


Accommodation is booked in either moderate first class or tourist class hotels, according to the choice of our tour leaders who are acquainted with these hotels. These hotels are mostly centrally located. Meals (breakfast and dinner) throughout the tour is of a high standard and are offered in a buffet-style.

Destination Tours

Our passengers will also have the privilege that the group will travel in their own coach, and will never share with another group. This will give the comfort of traveling in your own bus and the freedom for the guide to be able to adjust the program where possible, and also give the passengers a chance to mingle and meet new friends.

Coach features:



Christian Guides

One of the most important conditions of arranging a tour to Israel is to guarantee the services of a Christian Guide guiding the tour, something which is outstanding, and which other tour operators are not able to guarantee. A tour to the Land of the Bible is most different to those guides who only are available to give general facts, and who has no sentiment whatsoever to the Christian history and background, and what has happened in Israel. Unfortunately most of the passengers do not think how this might affect their tour, when they start with their planning to join a tour group to visit Israel.


Our special Christian guides are certainly well-known amongst most of our South African passengers, who have traveled with us in the past.

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The whole of Israel will fit into our own Kruger Park, and offers a world of interesting places and sightseeing. During the tour you will experience and see a lot, and you will bring home a lifetime of memories.

The fully balanced program is specially compiled for Believers in Jesus Christ, and throughout the tour both the Tour Guide and Tour leader will also provide special spiritual insets, and the Bible will once again come “alive” without delivering a full church service. Time will also be allowed for special “silent” periods.

Our visit to JERUSALEM is where most of the time will be spent, especially in the OLD CITY. Some of the highlights are undoubtedly a visit to the TEMPLE MOUNT when Abraham came to sacrifice his son ISAAC in obedience to God’s command, (the present Temple Mount was Mount Moriah of the Old Testament), and today a Mosque has been built over this holy site. At the Wailing Wall we will see the Orthodox Jews praying. The stones date back to the time of King Herod. You will also visit the BATH OF BATHESDA, walk the VIA DOLOROSA with its “Stations at the Cross” beginning at Pilate’s Judgment Hall (Sisters of Zion Convent), and ending at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In this area a visit to the LITHOSTRATOS is included where Christ was mocked and cruelly treated by the soldiers and eventually tied. An unusual game is cut into the large pavement stones in the area called the “Basillicus”.

A very special site is the old Olive Trees at GETHSEMANE. Some of these trees dated back to the time of Jesus, and their age is well over 2000 years. Last a visit to The GARDEN TOMB is included, where you will have the opportunity to share a Holy Communion service conducted by your Tour Leader.

Around the DEAD SEA AREA, you will be able to visit MASSADA and QUMRAN where the Dead Sea Scrolls was discovered in l947 by a young Bedouin goat herder. You travel via Ein Gedi, where David and his men hide from King Saul. Further highlights are a visit to the SEA OF GALILEE at TIBERIAS and CAPERNAUM where Jesus spent most of his short life. Two storms on the Sea are recorded, in the one Christ was in the boat with his disciples when He stilled the storm. In the other account Christ came walking on the water to the frightened disciples and invited Peter to walk on the water towards Him. Jesus also had the opportunity to feed the masses with bread and fishes. Another experience is a short cruise on the Sea of Galilee, including a short service on the boat. The MT OF BEATITUDES situated in a lovely, peaceful and very special site, affording spectacular views of Galilee.  It is the area where Christ gave the Sermon of the Mount. A visit to Jericho, one of the oldest cities, is also included.